About Edgy Megs

Our Purpose:

Edgy Meg’s was established to give Megan a purpose in life. You see, Megan lives with Rett Syndrome. She graduated from Ed-Co High School in 2016 and we didn’t know what her next chapter in life would be like. As her parents, we knew she would continue to live at home but we were unsure what she would do. With a background in creativeness, antiques, woodworking, and crafts, as a family we thought we would make a go of a retail store.

Megan worked with a service called Vocational Rehabilitation Services to set up the company and get some things needed to start. Soon she became a sole proprietor and Edgy Meg’s was officially her next chapter in life.

Our Store:

Edgy Meg’s is full of vintage, rustic and handmade items. We travel to auctions and flea markets to find treasures or as Meg calls it, “Junk”. Megan and Felicia handcraft many different items and Megan is hands when making these things. Grandma is knowledgeable with antiques and Grandpa handcrafts wood tables, benches and furniture and can custom make just about anything!

We have many unique, one of a kind items at Edgy Meg’s. Word of advice, when shopping Edgy Meg’s buy it when you find it because your next trip to our shop, it will be gone!

Meet Our Staff:

The Boss
Megan is the boss so she does lots of things around the shop. She loves to go out shopping for new things and ideas. Her least favorite things to do would be tag making and cleaning.

CEO/Marketing Director
I’m Angie and proud to be Megan’s mom. She has taught us so much more about life than we could ever teach her! When you stop in to Edgy Meg’s be sure to meet Megan!

Grandma Becky is our go to person. She is up for anything and likes to have a part in everything. She claims to know everything about anything. She’s a very important part of Megan’s life and we are so happy she’s part of Edgy Meg’s.

Designer/Job Coach
Felicia and Meg work wonders together! Felicia worked with Megan at school starting in 7 th grade – 12 th grade as her one on one associate. When Meg graduated in 2016 and started Edgy Meg’s, we were blessed to have Felicia join our team. She is the best job coach and friend, Meg could ever ask for! Felicia pushes Megan to do her best and helps her become a successful business woman in our community. After all these years, she has become part of our family.

Grandpa Steve can fix anything and has quite the talent in woodworking. He is one of Megan’s biggest fans and would do anything for that girl! Some day he and Megan will be chicken farmers!

Sales People and Movers
Megan’s siblings are amazing! Spencer, Ethan and Emma will do whatever is needed and most days they don’t complain…well, not too much anyway.

Behind the scenes
You will find Megan’s dad, Don, behind the scenes! Don constructed Edgy Meg’s with many hours of hard work and love. The building is just what we needed to give Edgy Meg’s life and to start writing the next chapter of Meg’s life. He won’t admit it but he’s pretty darn amazing!